Since May 2014, we have led the effort to create the next greatest car community in Perth Western Australia. With support from the Curtin Student Guild and as students our selves we have managed to get a club up and running.
Within 18 months we now average 100 official members a year and over 1000 Facebook members.

We run car cruises, short and long. Many are impromptu and many are planned by our admin team, over the course of a few weeks. This quite often involves going out to inspect the route to see if anything needs to be changed.
With this we can guarantee that our major cruises will take our members along some of the best roads and routes Perth and its surrounding areas have to offer.

CAKE is well known for its welcoming and knowledgeable community, we are often told that we are the preferred club in Perth to cruise and hangout with.

With a wide variety of members and cars, you can be sure to find cars you like or someone with the same interests to talk to.

What We've Achieved

  • Became official May 2014
  • First birthday
  • 80 Registered members for 2015.
  • 488 Facebook members.
  • 1037 Facebook members